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2 day van insurance

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2 day van insurance

Temporary van cover is perfect for all your short-term driving needs

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Most drivers don’t need to insure their van on a daily basis, but for those few occasions when you need to borrow or use a van at short notice, getting 1 or 2 day van insurance can be a real lifesaver.

Ensuring you have the right insurance to drive someone else’s van, no matter how long you need it for, is incredibly important.

Getting covered to drive a van can be time-consuming if you decide to adjust any existing policies. This can also increase premiums for the van owner and if you have an accident while driving it could end affecting their insurance for years to come.

The simpler and often cheaper alternative is to purchase a temporary van insurance policy. With 2 day van insurance, you and the van owners no claims discount are protected because the cover’s comprehensive. It’s a separate policy so doesn’t have any effect on existing insurance plus you only pay for the days you need to borrow the van.

It’s likely that you’ll only need to borrow the van for a few days, maybe at the weekend so temporary cover is the perfect answer to ensuring you have peace of mind while behind the wheel.

What are the benefits of having 2 Day Van Insurance?

Get the cover you actually want

Getting temporary van cover means that you aren’t stuck with an expensive annual policy when you only need insurance for two days. You don’t have to worry about how driving a vehicle that isn’t yours affects your existing policy because, with this separate policy, it won’t. Everyone is protected and you can also purchase optional extras like roadside breakdown assistance to make sure you’re covered whatever happens.

The flexible insurance solution

Two day van insurance is the flexible insurance that you have complete control over. You can select how much cover you require, any additional add-ons you want and when you want your policy to start and end, down to the minute. You only pay for the cover you actually need.

Get quotes quickly

Not only is two day van insurance the convenient alternative to an annual policy but it’s also incredibly simple to a quote. You only need to enter some basic information about yourself and the vehicle you want to drive (see below for more) to get a quote, a process that only takes minutes.

Instant cover 24/7

You can get a quote online anytime, day or night throughout the year. Once you’ve purchased the policy, your documents are emailed to you immediately so there is no delay if you want your cover to start straight away.

What do I need to get Short Term Van Insurance?

It’s never been easier to get a short term insurance quote online. The process is simple and quick and whether you need it tomorrow or for a months’ time, you can get a price in minutes.

Although getting a quote is an easy process, it’s important to have the right information In front of you or it can make things longer and more difficult.

Naturally, you will need all the personal information of the person who is to be insured, name, date of birth etc. but you’ll also have to enter your profession and reason for getting a policy as all the factors are taken into account when creating your quote.

You will also need to enter some information on the van you want to borrow, so make sure you’ve spoken to the owner and got the UK registration number, the body type and you will also have to enter what you intended to use the vehicle for. The information you’re asked to provide is the minimum that’s required to generate a quote.

While most drivers can get a quote, there are some restrictions that might stop you from being able to get a temporary car policy. All drivers must be aged 18 and over and have had a full UK license for at least 6 months held an EU licence for 12 months.

The number of points that you’ve had on your license in the past 2 years can also stop you from getting a policy but the exact number depends on the insurer.

The type of vehicle that you’re driving must also match certain criteria. Cover is only available on vehicle’s weighing less than 7.5 tonnes and must have a minimum value of £1000 and a maximum of £20,000 and £30,000 depending on the insurer.

If you and the vehicle you want to borrow meet these criteria then we are confident you will be able to a short term van insurance policy.

Can I get temporary insurance for longer than two days?

Most jobs that require borrowing a van, like moving house or having a big clear out only take a day or two, but you might want access to the vehicle for longer.

With short term van insurance, you can get the duration you need, so whatever you’re doing you can get the right policy for you.

Whether you need cover for a day or a week, you still get the same comprehensive cover that’s flexible and affordable.

Start a quick and easy quote now and get temporary insurance in minutes.

The cover you need for the duration you want

Full cover,
no impact

Get fully comprehensive cover on our standard short term policies - plus it won't affect your no claims discount

Hourly, daily, weekly

Choose the duration you want with 1-12 hour and 1-28 day cover available - don't pay for cover you don't need

All customised, nothing added

Customise your policy to suit your specific situation - get the policy you want and even choose the minute you want your policy to begin

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